Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hey Krishna Makes Hyderabad Nawabs Movie Director

‘Hyderabad Nawabs’ director Lakshmikanth Chenna makes a digital entry with the web series

The flexibility that digital content allows, often leads to its singular focus on engaging audiences, especially because commercial restrictions take a backseat in this format.

Watch Hey Krishna Web Series All 12 Episodes

Hyderabad Nawabs director Lakshmikanth Chenna enjoyed being in that space for Hey Krishna, a YuppTV web series spanning 12 episodes and starring Varun Sandesh, Kashish Vohra, ‘Viva’ Harsha and Mounima. Written by Mahi Illindra , the writer behind commercial successes like Venkatadri Express and Express Raja, the episodes released to good response across the streaming platform recently.

“Any film that you make is aimed to entertain audience for over two hours. A web series needs to be engaging on a different level altogether, they’re parallel paths,” Lakshmikanth remarks.

What made him make the digital entry? “The challenge to deliver an emotional hook with each episode and make spectators expect the ‘unexpected’. The future is the digital stream, this may not be the right time to judge the evolution of Telugu web series, but the coming years I feel will be promising.” What helped him choose the right script for his digital debut is his understanding of diverse media. The film experience came in handy to comprehend how would the audience react to different kinds of content. He says, “Even a movie at the end of the day is a two-episode output. The number of episodes vary here, that’s about it.”

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